Become a permanent resident of Cyprus

Residency and Citizenship Program: Cyprus

With a stable economy, European Union member status and high standards of living, Cyprus is a very popular destination for foreign investments. A relatively lower cost of living than other EU member states, Cyprus offers excellent value.

Two options in Cyprus
1. Permanent residency
2. Fast track Passport with a €2 million investment in an approved program


  • – Passports are issued to the investor, their spouse and children up to the age of 28 years if they are full time students
  • – Citizenship is passed on by descent and is therefore a benefit for future generations
  • – Investors may keep their citizenship of origin as Cyprus allows you to hold dual citizenship
  • – There is no residency requirement
  • – Cypriot citizenship has no tax consequences unless an individual chooses to become a Cyprus tax resident
Main Requirements for a fast track passport:

  • – A clean criminal record
  • – Not be on any EU sanction list
  • – Own a residence in Cyprus worth at least €500,000 (plus VAT)
  • – Invest in one of the approved investment options
  • – No language test
Investment Options:

  • – Real Estate, Land Development and investment projects worth €2 million or
  • – An investment of a minimum value of €2 million in the purchase, creation, or participation in businesses in Cyprus
  • – An investment of €2 million into units in AIFs, bonds, debentures, registered and issued in the Republic of Cyprus,
  • – A combination of all three


  • – Visa free travel through Schengen
  • – Family members can be included in the application (spouse, dependents and parents)
  • – Right to permanently live in Cyprus
  • – Fast track process (2 months)
  • – No residence requirement. The ability to apply for citizenship after seven years residence
  • – Granted for indefinite duration
Main Requirements

  • – Minimum investment in real estate of €500,000
  • – No intention to work
  • – A non-European national
  • – Clean criminal record
  • – Must visit every two years



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